GoodLife’s Healthy Behavioral Practices Presentation Recognized by ANCOR

GoodLife’s Healthy Behavioral Practices Presentation Recognized by ANCOR

Recently, the GoodLife U team traveled to Santa Fe, New Mexico for the ANCOR Connect Conference. ANCOR has been a long-standing, supportive partner to GoodLife and service providers across the nation. This year at ANCOR Connect, GoodLife’s Chief Clinical Officer, Dr. Nicole Kanaman, presented “An Agency-Wide Approach: Inspiring DSPs to Use Healthy Behavior Practices.” Dr. Kanaman introduced attendees to GoodLife’s research-based, organization-wide Tier 1 intervention package called “Healthy Behavioral Practices” that offers proven results and positive outcomes for individuals with disabilities.

Dr. Kanaman’s presentation was overwhelmingly recognized as one of the conference’s greatest hits! The positive feedback and engagement from ANCOR members in attendance are a testament to the quality and relevance of our Healthy Behavioral Practices approach. As a result, Dr. Kanaman has been invited by ANCOR to offer a follow-up Webinar on Healthy Behavioral Practices, tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, October 26th at 1:00 pm EST.

Stay tuned for updates on Dr. Kanaman’s upcoming Webinar. To read more about GoodLife’s Behavioral services, go here.

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