The history of Goodlife: A story of passion, equality and connectedness

GoodLife History

The year was 1974 when six sets of parents, the founders of GoodLife,  started meeting together in a living room in Johnson County, Kansas. The aftermath of the Civil Rights Movement swirled around them, and great progress had been won for the freedom and equality of black people in America. Change in public education was happening, too. For the first… read more

Welcome to the GoodLife

Welcome to the GoodLife

Here, the GoodLife is possible As the first official blog post, I’d like to say welcome to the GoodLife. GoodLife Innovations Inc. is the new parent company of Community Living Opportunities (CLO), and we are redefining what’s possible for seniors and people with intellectual or developmental disabilities (I/DD). Our model of care wasn’t born yesterday – it’s been over 40 years… read more

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