Michelle focuses on family in her shared living journey

Michelle focuses on family in her shared living journey

Michelle Ray believes family support can change the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). She and her family have been providing that support since 2006 as part of GoodLife’s shared living program as a Professional Extended Family Provider. Over the years, the family has shared their home with seven (7) individuals.  Michelle began her career with GoodLife… read more

The Year Ahead: What We’re Excited for in 2021


Despite an uncertain and challenging year, 2020 changed the way GoodLife does business for the better. We are eager to carry all we learned into 2021, and excited to share what’s next for GoodLife. Below are just a few things we’re looking forward to:  Serving seniors: In 2020, we put our expansion of senior services on hold to adapt to… read more

Top five things we’re proud of in 2020


We certainly don’t have to tell you why 2020 was the year we set aside specific plans and prioritized adapting. The hard work we have done over the last 40 years prepared us for challenges we never saw coming. In the shadow of the Coronavirus, we learned we could rely on our established strategies, models, and technologies to keep staff… read more

Helping people live the GoodLife starts with collaborative staff training

staff training

GoodLife is always looking for ways to better understand how to train and support our Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) who serve seniors and those with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). One way we do this is by conducting applied research through the University of Kansas Performance Management Laboratory, directed by Dr. Florence DiGennaro Reed. Rick Shears, GoodLife’s Training Coordinator, shares… read more

From reimagining to reality: replacing traditional care models with next generation services


Goodlife’s most valuable outcomes are the result of listening to and understanding our most vulnerable residents. We’ve learned they want, and require, something different than what providers have traditionally offered them. Here’s what we know for sure, especially now in the midst of COVID-19: It is impossible to prevent or contain cross contamination in congregate settings (like nursing homes, group… read more

Professional Neighbors: The right care at the right time

Professional Neighbors: The right care at the right time

When aging family members or loved ones with disabilities need daily assistance, yet desire independent living, it’s hard to know what’s best. You cannot always be around to help, so it’s important to know they are well-cared for in an inclusive and supportive community.   GoodLife’s community living models center around professional caregivers who live in, by and/or near people… read more

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