Top five things we’re proud of in 2020


We certainly don’t have to tell you why 2020 was the year we set aside specific plans and prioritized adapting. The hard work we have done over the last 40 years prepared us for challenges we never saw coming. In the shadow of the Coronavirus, we learned we could rely on our established strategies, models, and technologies to keep staff and residents safe, healthy, and happy while delivering consistent care. Despite an uncertain and challenging year, 2020 changed the way GoodLife does business for the better. We are incredibly proud of our residents, employees, and partners and their ability to be creative, flexible, and steadfast all year long. Here are some of our favorite achievements of 2020:

  1. Working smarter, not harder: Covid-19 made GoodLife’s labor strategies even more relevant to our residents, staff, and partners. The pandemic also prompted agencies to consider more innovative solutions–and we have been delighted to help. This year, we’ve trained, consulted, and coached agencies across the country to improve scheduling, pay, and hiring processes and generate the most immediate, positive results while causing the least disruption possible. So far, our model has resulted in: 
  • Impacting more than 600 DSP’s across the country
  • Increasing DSP wages by $1.25-1.50 / hour
  • Improving  DSP capacity without incurring costly overtime 
  • Reducing overall payroll costs–every time
  • Supporting providers who represent over $500 million in annual revenues across the nation 
  1. Diversifying revenues: As funding for services continues to decrease while costs continue to rise, we–like many others–must raise additional funding and develop unique ways to supplement dollars. This year we were proud to find success with grants, tax credit initiatives, sharing our labor strategies, and engaging with donors. We are honored that partners, organizations, and other charitable entities are excited about our work and eager to join us on our journey. This support allows us to maintain sustainability not just through a pandemic but for the years ahead. That’s exciting and hopeful. 
  1. We’re moving mountains: GoodLife received the 2020 Moving Mountains Award for best practices in workforce development. Over the last 20 years, GoodLife has quietly built, refined, and packaged neighborhood service models leveraged by advanced technologies. We are honored that this esteemed award recognizes the hard work of CEO Dr. Mike Strouse, KU partner Dr. Florence DiGennaro Reed, and the entire GoodLife Innovations team. 
  1. Sharing resources: We value sharing what we know with like-minded organizations. Our goal is to reimagine what’s possible for seniors and individuals with disabilities, and we can’t achieve that alone. This year we launched several sources to share robust resources and create a culture of openness, all available on our website: News & Events, Publications, and Videos, including Dr. Mike Strouse’s Video Blog. This research-backed, high-quality content is for everyone: parents and guardians, partners, supporters, service providers, and community leaders. In addition, Dr. Strouse presented virtually at two different ANCOR events, both the Annual Conference and Policy Summit, as well as for the InterHab Annual Conference.
  1. Adapting operations: In adhering to the pandemic’s stay-at-home practices, we further embraced organic ways of doing life. For example, we brought day services into each home, utilized remote nursing services, and maximized the benefit of Midnight Farm to provide safe outside activities and community-based engagement. Consistent, safe services continued with minimal disruption to residents. These pivots were made possible by a team of incredible staff and DSPs dedicated to GoodLife’s mission and who are truly making a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve every day–and we could not be more proud. 

While it’s always helpful to look back, we’re excited to share with you what’s next for GoodLife. Keep an eye out for exciting things to come in 2021. In the meantime, reach out to us anytime for more information on our achievements mentioned above. Happy New Year!

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