A Home Coaches’ Perspective: Meet Kris and Brittany

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GoodLife believes a life of dignity and independence is possible, no matter the challenge. We empower our residents with the support, services, and technology needed to thrive within the community. Home Coaches play an important role in our work to redefine what’s possible for people with disabilities. Today we are joined by Kris McFadden and Brittany Rupert, Home Coaches who help residents thrive.

Brittany, how do you contribute to the GoodLife population as a Home Coach?  

If you were to read the job description of a Home Coach, it would say our role is to train, motivate, and manage Supervisors and Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) that work one-on-one with residents and to oversee all functions of our assigned homes. While that certainly is the foundation, each Home Coach makes the role their own as we develop unique relationships based on the specific needs of our Neighborhood Networks, managers, and families. A Home Coach serves as a single point of contact for everyone involved in the life of a resident, including guardians, behavioral analysts, teachers, and DSPs to create connected and consistent care.  

Kris, you’re not only a Home Coach, you’re a nurse, too. How is that an asset? 

While it’s not required of a Home Coach, it’s so helpful! When health issues arise, I’m able to treat them right away and avoid a visit to the clinic. I can identify developing symptoms before they potentially turn into something more severe, and keep an eye on healing and recovery.  

Brittany, what does a typical day look like in the life of a Home Coach? 

No two days are ever the same! Today, for example, I need to step in for one of my staff members to provide consistent one-on-one support within a home. Tomorrow, my staffing is full, so my day is scheduled with tasks to learn how to best care for our residents, like Family Support Plan meetings, home visits, and training. I never get bored, I’ll say that! 

What is GoodLife doing differently? 

(Kris) GoodLife grows families. Our residents come to us from their family of origin, sure. GoodLife trains and structures how we deliver care in a way that grows that family of origin into a bigger family network. This is more than a job–Home Coaches become an intimate part of a resident’s life and vice versa. We share milestones, holidays, and experiences. We aren’t just caring for a client, we are serving a member of our family and community. In my opinion, the GoodLife environment and small resident to teacher ratio fosters happiness and security for residents, staff, and families. 

(Brittany) I would agree with Kris, completely. GoodLife’s model of care is so meaningful. I’ve also heard from families that come to us from other places that the way GoodLife incorporates technology helps them feel that their loved ones are as well supervised and monitored as possible. I’m available to families anytime they need me, which creates an atmosphere of trust and comfort for everyone involved in care. 

Kris, what do you love about your job at GoodLife? 

I love that every single person at GoodLife is an educator. We each contribute to the population by being involved in our residents’ care at every level, from the iLink  and transitional care teams, to Home Coaches and executive staff–we are all teachers.  I love the opportunity GoodLife gives me to build relationships and help others grow. I enjoy watching the fellowship that happens between our teachers and residents. I don’t see this as a job–it’s a lifestyle. It is challenging, no doubt about it.  But the rewards are so worth it. To witness the camaraderie, independence, achievements, and happiness of our residents and staff is a gift. 

How about you, Brittany? 

It is an honor that families and guardians trust us with their loved ones. I take my role as a Home Coach very personally, and consider each resident within the homes I support as one of my own. To provide parents and guardians peace of mind that their loved one is living a life of dignity, respect, and love is important to me. I don’t take that lightly. It’s also incredibly special to witness our residents set goals, achieve them, and continue to grow. 

Why would you recommend GoodLife to a friend or loved one looking for work? 

 (Kris) I care deeply about the population I serve. When I come across someone who is a qualified candidate, I would recommend they explore working at GoodLife. The opportunities for a meaningful career are truly endless depending on what you want to do and how you’d like to serve others.  

(Brittany) I started working for GoodLife five years ago based on a recommendation myself, and have since recommended GoodLife to others. If you have a heart for serving others, particularly individuals with I/DD, GoodLife is a great place to be. GoodLife provides me with a second family and trains, supports, and helps me grow to empower residents to live a life of dignity and possibility. 

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