Looking Ahead to 2023

Looking Ahead to 2023

Happy New Year to our readers and supporters. We have some exciting initiatives in store this year and we can’t wait to see how the seasons unfold. Our teams are proud to have generated some momentum across 2022 and the future is bright! We invite you to keep an eye on a few areas specifically that have been targeted to grow in the coming months—our mission remains at the core of our decision-making and we love making a meaningful difference. Here’s our list of how we will further our mission, vision, and values in 2023.

Improving the lives of our Direct Support Professionals with our DSP Life Enhancement Initiative

We adore our DSPs and could not accomplish our mission without the grit and grace they deliver each day. GoodLife’s DSPs are the focus of our newest initiative because we realize that life can be hard, and that we—as a person-centered organization—can help. GoodLife has partnered with the Deffenbaugh Foundation to enhance the lives of our most important workforce through this program. Our overall goal is to offer a shelf of options for DSPs—and the assistance needed to craft a plan—that spends allocated funds in ways that are personally designed make the most difference for each of them. This could include housing or tuition subsidies, transportation options, on-demand pay, big-box memberships or discounts, child-care subsidies, student loan forgiveness or repayment plans, credit counseling, mobile phone subsidies, and more! In addition to a-la-carte benefits options, our DSPs may also notice improvements to our career ladder and communication strategies. More opportunities to get involved and support this initiative will be announced throughout the year, but we are thrilled to see this program lift off in 2023.

iLink Technologies product line expanding and the release of iLink Assist 3.0

You know that we are incredibly proud to own the nation’s first remote support system for individuals with disabilities, and if you’re familiar with our history, you know that iLink launched in 1999. This year, we are thrilled to expand the iLink Technologies product line (including our easy-to-use iLink Home installations) and access to iCoach support 24/7 for individuals or families who need a little extra peace of mind and on-demand support in their own homes. If you or someone you love is self-directing their in-home care and is looking for a cost effective safety net solution to help them be more independent and remain in their homes longer, you’re going to want to take a close look at iLink! This newest offering will be available soon, so be sure to stay in touch. This expansion also coincides with our release of iLink Assist 3.0, which is slated to launch in Q2 of 2023. iLink Assist is our proprietary software that intelligently removes unnecessary intrusions and allows for an individual’s support network to be available the moment a need arises (accounting for both predictable and unpredictable needs). iLink installs are quick, configurable, and loaded with privacy features to suit each situation so whether you’re an aging adult, a decision-maker for someone with a disability, or a provider of in-home care, we encourage you to explore all that iLink has to offer.

GoodLife University’s launching its Center for Excellence 

GoodLife University’s report card is in! Our work in 2022 was next-level, and we aren’t stopping there. Our team has been compiling testimonials, data, scorecards, and positive outcomes from our time helping community-service providers across the country. The results are too good to keep to ourselves, so we are committed to launching a Center for Excellence where members can access our suite of solutions and learn from our team of experts in targeted ways with measurable results. Keep your eye out for more information on the Center for Excellence to drop soon and consider joining us! As a part of this growth plan, we are going to be hosting a 2-day conference where participants will have the opportunity to meaningfully dig into the what, why, and how of our workforce improvement strategies. Stay tuned for more information on this to follow and if you’re interested in joining us, consider enrolling in our GoodLife U class of 2023. We would love to work with you!

Growing our Professional Family (or Shared Living) program

Our Professional Family Model is one of the most stable programs at GoodLife, delivering high quality outcomes for both the individuals served and the professional families that deliver care. This is one of the most important programs we offer! Since its inception in 1999, the program has maintained an average of only 2-5% turnover (keep in mind the national average for our industry is 50%+ turnover) which means that even individuals who have significant needs can access a life that is family-centered and community-based. This year as we intentionally grow, we will be on the hunt for Professional Family providers, so consider kick-starting your career as a caregiver now! The benefits are immense. As a Professional Family, GoodLife is committed to helping you access affordable housing and has start-up grants available for individuals who need help making the initial down payment or deposit on a home. Professional Families also receive their income tax-free, which means that there are a number of additional benefits and subsidies available. Remember, this is an incredibly rewarding lifestyle choice that often evolves from a meaningful relationship that’s already been built with an individual who needs help to live in the community. We strongly encourage both sides of the equation (the professional family/caregiver and the parents/guardians of an individual with disabilities) to start considering this model as a long-term solution for your loved ones. Change can be hard, but the long term benefits truly speak for themselves. Don’t just take our word for it, explore these testimonials and chat with Natalie to see if moving to the shared living model might be right for you and your loved one with a disability.

Honestly, our list of exciting initiatives and goals doesn’t end here—you’re going to want to stay up to speed by signing up to receive our monthly e-newsletter and if you don’t already, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Cheers to 2023 and thank you for being a part of our GoodLife community.

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