Connecting with the community at the Kaw Valley Farm Tour

Hoarse in Barn

What do you get when you cross 550 visitors with farm animals, food trucks, hands-on activities, live music and an enthusiastic staff? The Kaw Valley Farm Tour at Midnight Farm! 186 carloads of people filtered through Midnight Farm over the weekend of October 5-6. According to Linda, a satisfied visitor from Lawrence, Kan., she “liked it all. It’s a beautiful setting and an important part of the individual’s lives who live, work and spend time at Midnight Farm.” 

As a featured farm on this year’s tour, Midnight Farm was excited to introduce themselves to the community. “We serve individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities through improving their outlook on life, providing a unique learning experience and improving their social skills through great interactions with others,” shares Jim Slightom, Midnight Farm committee member and volunteer. “When visitors enjoy [what] Midnight Farm offers, they can begin to appreciate what GoodLife is all about.”

Visitors experienced farm animals, a kid’s play zone with inflatables, gardens, a greenhouse, ceramics, live music and homemade ice pops from KC Pop Co

Events like the farm tour are great opportunities for residents to practice social skills. Zach, a GoodLife Resident and TEAM Work employee “spent lots of time with the animals, chickens, ducks and showing people around the property via the tractor ride.” When asked what the best part of the weekend was, Zach said, “meeting new people, helping out and getting free lunch!”

The event left a lasting impression on everyone from the GoodLife residents and staff, to the families and community members that stopped by. “Midnight Farm gives the individuals that work here a real purpose and teaches the importance of self-worth,” says Linda. “There’s no question that the work program improves our communities. All people are important and the TEAM Work program gives the individuals served meaningful experiences.”

“Healthier, happier, and more socially well-rounded folks, which Midnight Farm provides, can only improve each and every community it serves,” says Jim. 

What other visitors said: 

“New favorite farm. Excellent. Hope they are on the tour for years to come.” -Todd, Suzanne, Max and Ava from Gardner, KS

“Midnight Farm is a great place! We loved the animal experience and everyone was sopleasant. Thanks!” – Bill from Bladwin, KS

“Loved the animals. So glad to learn about RISE, TEAM Work and CLO/GoodLife. The EatSchmidt food truck was excellent.” -Kendra from Lawrence, KS

“Absolutely Amazing! Beautiful grounds and amazing mission!” -Richard and Joanne from Topeka, KS

“Enjoyed petting the animals. The bounce house and kid zone was great for the kids to burnoff some energy. Love what this farm does!” -Jeanna from Leavenworth, KS

“Loved the live music! Thank you for opening your farm to us.” -Suzanne from Meriden, KS

Want to learn how you can get involved at Midnight Farm and other GoodLife programs? Get in touch!

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