Pam Neidert

Pamela L. Neidert

KU Partnership

Pamela has more than 24 years of experience with the assessment and treatment of problem behavior and skill acquisition in children and adults with developmental disabilities.

Learn More About Pamela L. Neidert
Claudia Dozier

Claudia L. Dozier

KU Partnership

Claudia is a Board-Certified Analyst with over 20 years’ experience.

Learn More About Claudia L. Dozier
Florence DiGennaro Reed

Florence DiGennaro Reed

KU Partnership

Florence has 25 years of experience working with individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

Learn More About Florence DiGennaro Reed

David MacDonald

Chief Technology & Innovation Officer

Prior to joining GoodLife’s iLink team, Dave supported Fortune 25 companies and designed information systems for successful financial startups.

Learn More About David MacDonald

Todd Elmquist

Vice President of iLink Software

Learn More About Todd Elmquist
Beth McCoach 1

Beth McCoach

Chief Operations Officer, iLink Technologies, LLC

Beth has worked in a variety of roles supporting individuals with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities (I/DD) at GoodLife for more than 25 years.

Learn More About Beth McCoach
Molly Kuzinski 1

Molly Kuzinski

Director of Human Resources

Learn More About Molly Kuzinski

Whitney Lamb

Director of Targeted Case Management, Professional Family Teaching Model, and Quality Assurance

Learn More About Whitney Lamb
Nichole Reiske 1

Nichole Reiske

Workforce Consulting

Learn More About Nichole Reiske
Heather Kessler 2

Heather Kessler

Director of Nursing

Learn More About Heather Kessler

Connie Keeling

Chief of GoodLife Enhancement

For more than 30 years Connie has been extensively advocating for and supporting families across Kansas.

Learn More About Connie Keeling

Yolanda Hargett

Chief Operations Officer

Yolanda is passionate about building and implementing service models that promote independence.

Learn More About Yolanda Hargett
Megan McKinney Todd 2

Megan McKinney Todd

Chief Strategy & Integrations Officer

Megan works closely with senior leadership and external collaborators to generate support for GoodLife’s innovative solutions.

Learn More About Megan McKinney Todd
Adriane Murray 1

Adriane Murray

Chief Talent Officer

Adriane has extensive knowledge in her field and is skilled in streamlining processes for GoodLife and partner organizations.

Learn More About Adriane Murray

Steve Floyd

Chief Financial Officer & Information Systems

Steve has lead the Finance and Accounting Service team for more than 25 years.

Learn More About Steve Floyd
Lauren Vohland 4

Lauren Vohland

Executive Director of Kansas Services

Lauren brings over a decade of experience working with mission driven non-profit organizations.

Learn More About Lauren Vohland
Linh Nguyen 3

Linh Nguyen

Regional Director of South Kansas Services

Learn More About Linh Nguyen
Dakota McNett 1

Dakota McNett

Assistant Director of South Kansas Services

Learn More About Dakota McNett
Megan Olafson 1

Megan Olafson

Senior Director of Strategy & Communications

Learn More About Megan Olafson
Michelle Ray 2

Michelle Ray

Director of Douglas County Regional Services

Learn More About Michelle Ray
Mindy Taylor 2

Mindy Taylor

Regional Director of Neighborhood Network and RISE

Learn More About Mindy Taylor
Jessica Ogle 1

Jessica Ogle

Regional Director of Johnson County Services

Learn More About Jessica Ogle
Crystal Engel 1

Crystal Engel

Director of Property Management

Learn More About Crystal Engel
Nicole Kanaman 1

Nicole Kanaman

Chief Clinical Officer

Nicole is a board certified behavior analyst (BCBA) and has provided behavioral services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities across the lifespan of need for the last 10 years.

Learn More About Nicole Kanaman
Kimberly Gray 1

Kimberly Gray

Director of Day Services

Learn More About Kimberly Gray
CEO of GoodLife Innovations Mike Strouse

Michael Strouse

President & CEO

Mike’s extensive work encompasses research, development, refinement, and dissemination of evidence-based, nationally-regarded, community service models that consistently produce person-centered care and high quality-of-life outcomes for those served.

Learn More About Michael Strouse
Candice Funk 1

Candice Funk

Associate Regional Director

Learn More About Candice Funk
Rachel Jess 2

Rachel Jess

Director of Recruitment & Workforce Solutions

Learn More About Rachel Jess
Tanya Root 1

Tanya Root

Director of Accounting

Learn More About Tanya Root
Tiffany Trantham 2

Tiffany Trantham

Director of Financial Reporting & Budgets

Learn More About Tiffany Trantham
Abby Baden 1

Abby Baden

Director of Johnson County Neighborhood Network

Learn More About Abby Baden
Allison Westrick 2

Allison Westrick


Learn More About Allison Westrick
Andy Chapman 1

Andy Chapman

iLink IT Support Specialist

Learn More About Andy Chapman
Blake Allen 1

Blake Allen

iLink Field Manager

Learn More About Blake Allen
Brigitte Clark 2

Brigitte Clark

Director of iLink Client Services

Learn More About Brigitte Clark
Jaimie Chiaravalle 3

Jaimie Chiaravalle

Douglas County Neighborhood Network Site Director

Learn More About Jaimie Chiaravalle
Jamie Green 1

Jaimie Green

RISE Coordinator

Learn More About Jaimie Green
Jon Tran 1

Jon Tran

Eligibility Funding Support Coordinator

Learn More About Jon Tran
Lisa Popelka 2

Lisa Popelka

Assistant Director of Behavioral Services

Learn More About Lisa Popelka
Michael A. Smith II 1

Michael A. Smith II

Associate Regional Director

Learn More About Michael A. Smith II
Olesha Hill 1

Olesha Hill

Johnson County Day Services Coordinator

Learn More About Olesha Hill
Ky Kanaman 2

Ky Kanaman

Special Projects Manager

Learn More About Ky Kanaman
Kourie Kanaman 4

Kourie Kanaman

Sales Manager, iLink Technologies & GoodLife U

Learn More About Kourie Kanaman
Kaylee Clark 1

Kaylee Clark

Director of Midnight Farm

Learn More About Kaylee Clark
Kofi Annor Boye-Doe 1

Kofi Annor Boye-Doe

Douglas County Day Services Coordinator

Learn More About Kofi Annor Boye-Doe

Lauren Honas

iLink Manager

Learn More About Lauren Honas
Amy Unmacht

Amy Unmacht

Director of Development & Fundraising

Learn More About Amy Unmacht
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