Unique thinking leads to unique care: iLink Technologies

Unique thinking leads to unique care: iLink Technologies

Innovation has been integral to our models of care for a long time. In fact, this message is so important to us that “innovations” is now in our name. In 2019, GoodLife Innovations unveils a new generation of iLink Technology–building on over 40 years of experience spearheading creative solutions for care that utilize technology to maximize independence. In a world of tech startups, Silicon Valley, and convertibles in outer space, how does an organization from the heartland become the most innovative service approach, internationally? We believe it comes from embracing unique thinking to redefine what’s possible for those we serve on a daily basis.

iLink is different because it’s a tool – a strong and capable resource – ready and waiting on the sidelines to be used just at the moment of need, just how you need it. iLink is personalized and individualized to the needs of each resident. It is NOT an off-the-shelf, high-tech, or invasive “solution.”

With a single, simple push of a button, iLink works with the foundation of the Neighborhood Network already in place: a well-selected neighborhood, infused with friendly and Professional Neighbors, like Shay. Into that neighborhood we use iLink to provide: (a) remote sensors and support for health and safety needs, (b) back-up for home automations (like stoves, door locks, temperature controls, etc.), and (c) deployment and supervision of professional, direct support.

With iLink, there’s never a question of who’s on the other end of the line – our staff are also your neighbors who have chosen to invest their work in the community. This means that when you engage with iLink, you communicate with caregivers that truly know you and your needs. They live among you, and have learned the patterns of your day, what makes you most comfortable, and how to care for you so you feel most like yourself.

For needs outside the home, our Applied Technologies Center serves as a hub for services like rehabilitation, education and coaching, primary care and pharmacy, staffed with even more neighbors as caregivers. It’s the small-town ideals of ‘everyone knows your name’ with groundbreaking levels of care, all in one place.    

Reimagine what care and peace of mind can look like for those who have growing needs or are learning to be more independent. This is the new paradigm of care leveraged by technology and maximized within an intentionally designed, inclusive neighborhood.

Ready to bridge the gap between peace of mind and independence? We would love to tell you more about how iLink works. Contact us today, and check back here for continued highlights of iLink.

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