Gratitude, generosity, and tax credit initiatives make a difference at GoodLife

Hand placing coin into blue piggy bank

At GoodLife, we are so grateful for the generous support we have received throughout the past couple of challenging seasons.  For more than 40 years we have been working hard to make a meaningful difference in the everyday lives of individuals with disabilities, and those who support them.

Generosity gives back
As you know, GoodLife has been awarded Kansas Department of Commerce Tax Credits! To those of you who gave in 2020, thank you for supporting our mission.  We are raising the remaining funds through December 31, 2021–are you interested in capitalizing on the tax credits again in 2021? You absolutely can . . . here’s how!  

The tax credit program will help GoodLife generate almost $400,000 in donations because we can offer a 50% Kansas tax credit for eligible gifts. That means that you could get a refund of 50% of your donation (even if you have no Kansas tax liability). A $1,000 donation, for example, would receive $500 tax credit on your Kansas tax return; a $5,000 donation would receive a $2,500 credit, and so on.

Additionally, the full donation can be deducted from your federal tax return if you itemize your federal deductions. The combination of state tax credit and federal deduction (for those that itemize) can allow you to make a huge impact at GoodLife for a small investment.

Initiatives that make a difference

Your donations are important to us because we have big plans for the future. Historically, GoodLife is willing to change direction when a new course will yield better results. As our CEO Mike Strouse says, “recognizing how we can shift our models to reflect more organic ways of doing life is a positive outcome of the pandemic. And we always like to find the positive in the midst of challenges.” As we look forward, we are focused on three primary initiatives driven by the need for change: 

  1. Expanding the Neighborhood Network to support more individuals from diverse populations, including those that are 55+ years old, in their own homes.
  2. Refining and expanding iLink to empower residents with self-direction and replicating this model within other settings (like natural and foster families) or for other service providers and partners. 
  3. Expanding the number of children served at Johnson County Montessori School and North Star Academy and expanding remote behavioral support for these families.

As we continue to redefine what’s possible for people with disabilities, we cannot do it without your support. It’s apparent that the work we do, especially during the pandemic, is vital. Extreme need requires extraordinary and innovative solutions — and we hope you’ll consider helping us turn our initiatives into action with a donation.

Read more about our tax credit initiatives here.  For questions about how you can support us in helping individuals live the GoodLife, please contact Megan Todd, Chief Strategy Officer at megantodd@mygoodlife.org or 785-917-3824. 

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