GoodLife U Episode 9: Rise Up, Look Back, Step Forward

We find ourselves nearing the end of the GoodLife U Video Blog Series and wanted to take this opportunity to make sure we rise up, and gain the perspective of our 500 foot view to both look back (at what we’ve learned) and set our sights on our next step forward. Our GoodLife U series has focused extensively on strategies… watch now

GoodLife U: Initial Impact Report

GoodLife U: Initial Impact Report

While we are weathering the perfect storm we talked about several years ago, sadly, the problems have been more difficult than we could imagine and are predicted to only get worse. If you’re feeling the pain of the nation-wide workforce crisis, you are not alone–but we can help. GoodLife U’s innovative schedule and pay strategies are making a difference for… read more

Donna’s big personality lights up her home within GoodLife’s residential program

residential program

We believe that every GoodLife resident is unique, and their care plan should be tailored to their specific needs. GoodLife’s residential programs offer a variety of living arrangements developed around the individual’s level of need. Each resident benefits from a Quality of Life Plan and a personalized schedule filled with their preferred activities. GoodLife professionals, including nurses, behavior specialists, therapists,… read more

GoodLife U Episode 8: Professional Extended Families

Welcome to Episode 8 of our GoodLife U Video Blog Series, with Dr. Mike Strouse. This month we are excited to talk with you about our Professional Extended Family Model, which is similar to other Shared Living programs, or what some would call “host homes;” however, our model has some distinct differences, and we’ve learned a lot across the last… watch now

Gratitude, generosity, and tax credit initiatives make a difference at GoodLife

Hand placing coin into blue piggy bank

Learn how your contribution to GoodLife can support interdependent communities with a COVID-resistant care model and qualify for a Kansas tax credit. Your donation can make twice the impact.

How Cheyenne found purpose and stability as a DSP

How Cheyenne found purpose and stability as a DSP

COVID shutdowns led Cheyenne to find a more stable job. She found GoodLife, and a passion for caring for people with I/DD and a career as a live-in DSP.

GoodLife U Episode 7: Lifestyle Professional Direct Support Positions

This month in our GoodLife U Video Blog series, Dr. Mike Strouse is going to cover Lifestyle Professional Direct Support positions, which are positions that allow the caregiver to live with, next-door to, or down the street from the people they support. We like to call them “lifestyle” positions because people in these roles (and those that they support) essentially… watch now

GoodLife & Koinonia: Partnering to stabilize the DSP workforce and improve care

GoodLife & Koinonia: Partnering to stabilize the DSP workforce and improve care

Learn how GoodLife U’s partnership with Koinonia, an I/DD community service provider in Northeast Ohio, led to healthy labor solutions and more.

Meet Christine: Advocate, partner, and friend of GoodLife

Meet Christine: Advocate, partner, and friend of GoodLife

More than a board member and donor, Christine Rolston is a lifelong advocate for people with disabilities, leveraging technology and relationships to support GoodLife.

GoodLife U Episode 6: Paid Time Off and Pay Day

Welcome to Episode 6 of our GoodLife U series! As a reminder, this video blog is also available wherever you get your podcasts. You can find the Quest for the Good Life series (where we discuss next generation services, including technology-enabled service models), as well as the current GoodLife U series (where we have been exploring the labor crisis and… watch now

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