GoodLife U Episode 1: The National DSP Crisis

Our new GoodLife U Video Blog and Podcast series is kicking off with a discussion about the national workforce crisis. Realistically, this crisis isn’t new–we’ve watched it ebb and flow across the years. But this season feels a little different, and in many ways we are facing some unprecedented challenges. In the past, when unemployment is high we’ve had a… watch now

Meet Victor: Living the GoodLife through independent, connected, and community living

community living

It brings us incredible joy to see our vision and mission being lived out. As we continue to reimagine independence for seniors and those with disabilities through empowering, connected, and purposeful community living, hearing stories of happiness and fulfillment from our residents is the only way we truly know we’re on to something great. Today we visit with Victor (and… read more

A GoodLife Board Member’s Perspective: Meet Ellen

A GoodLife Board Member’s Perspective: Meet Ellen

You can’t miss it, with its abstract brushstrokes and vibrant colors. The artwork that hangs on the wall in her lake home is an easy conversation starter.  “What a cool painting! Where did you get that?” guests ask. “Let me tell you about Delbert,” answers Ellen with a sparkle in her eye. Ellen lives for this kind of moment—an opportunity… read more

The Quest for the GoodLife | Bonus Episode

In 2020 we took viewers on our Quest for the GoodLife with Dr. Mike Strouse and covered a lot of ground. We discussed the history of care and why, now more than ever, we need a new paradigm of care (Episode 1); we shared with you how the seed for the Neighborhood Network was planted, and what we’ve done for… watch now

Meet Zach: How life skills learned through the RISE program lead to independence

Meet Zach: How life skills learned through the RISE  program lead to independence

GoodLife’s uniquely-created work program, TEAM Work, and RISE, the a day-services program for semi-independent adults, provide individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) within the Neighborhood Network opportunities to work, learn, and grow in a safe, inclusive, and familiar environment. Today we visit with one of our Neighborhood Network residents and RISE participants, Zach Brown. Zach shares what he’s learning… read more

Partners in independent living for seniors

independent living for senior communities

What happens when two organizations partner to support and promote independent living? We go further.   Working together to reimagine care For years, GoodLife and Community Village Lawrence (CVL) have been supporting each other’s work to help seniors age in their own homes.  In fact, CVL served as a valuable mentor to GoodLife as we developed the Vibrant Village program—a dynamic… read more

Introducing GoodLife U

Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) are the backbone of the workforce behind community living and service support models for individuals living with intellectual or developmental disabilities (I/DD) and seniors.  For more than thirty years, the DSP workforce has been one of the most unstable workforces nationwide. Recently, statistics showed that annual turnover rates for DSPs were at 50%, in comparison to… watch now

A Team Leader’s Perspective: Meet Kassie

Team Leader

GoodLife serves adults with disabilities in family-style home settings.  Our direct support staff provides daily teaching, support and companionship, which are vital to each client’s quality of life. Team Leaders manage individual homes to help ensure a safe and meaningful experience for our residents. Today, Kassie Johnston shares what it means to be a team leader and why she values… read more

The Year Ahead: What We’re Excited for in 2021


Despite an uncertain and challenging year, 2020 changed the way GoodLife does business for the better. We are eager to carry all we learned into 2021, and excited to share what’s next for GoodLife. Below are just a few things we’re looking forward to:  Serving seniors: In 2020, we put our expansion of senior services on hold to adapt to… read more

The Quest for the GoodLife | Episode 8

Our Quest for the GoodLife series with Dr. Mike Strouse is wrapping up for this year, and in 2020’s final episode we wanted to take some time to address many of the comments and questions received from our viewers. In particular, we often field inquiries about privacy: how can we prioritize privacy for the people we serve when we are… watch now

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