This year, your donation has twice the impact. Tax Credit campaign updates!

tax credit

As you know, we are ambitiously and optimistically raising $600,000 by December 31, 2021 – and we’re on our way! To those of you who gave in 2020, thank you for helping us make a difference in the lives of aging adults and individuals with disabilities – GoodLife is poised to grow even more with your help this year. Are you interested in capitalizing on the tax credits again in 2021? You can!  

For a limited time, your donation to GoodLife or CLO may qualify for a 50% tax credit through the Community Service Tax Credit from the Kansas Department of Commerce. In other words, if you or your company has a tax liability in Kansas and makes a contribution of $250 or more directly to us, you may be eligible to receive half of your donation back in the form of tax credits. While you get half of your donation (50%) back as a credit, we get to use 100% of your gift to make a meaningful difference. That’s twice the impact!

We can also accept in-kind donations. For example, property developers, contractors, utility providers and the like can discount certain services for us and receive a tax credit for what’s been discounted/donated. There’s a lot of flexibility here, so let’s get creative.

Campaign updates

  1. Your donations support two programs: 
    • Johnson County Montessori School & North Star Academy: Funds will allow us to (1) improve our technology to enable Board Certified Behavioral Analysts (BCBA) to remotely monitor and provide real-time feedback to teachers supporting children with autism at North Star Academy, (2) undertake renovations to a historic home on our campus that will allow us to host community inclusion events, and expand our classroom space so we can grow. 
    • Neighborhood Support Models: Funds will enable GoodLife to expand the Neighborhood Network and iLink, improving our on-demand health and behavioral services, and further enabling professional services to be accessed directly within each home exactly when and where the need is occuring. 
  2. We have $400,000 left to raise, which means we have $200,000 in tax credits still available.
  3. Based on your tax bracket,  you may be eligible for federal incentives on top of the Kansas credit of 50%. For those who itemize, as much as 30% of your donation may be tax deductible. We recommend chatting with your tax preparer about how stacking the Kansas Tax Credit and your federal deductions could work–in some cases, to give a lot may cost very little! 
  4. Any donor that gave in 2020 is eligible to receive tax credits again this year! We hope everyone who made the most of the credits last year will donate again. 

Your gift supports a COVID-resistant model 

COVID-19 showed the world that we need better options when it comes to caring for aging adults and individuals with disabilities. According to AARP, every day in the U.S., 10,000 people turn 65, and the number of older adults will more than double over the next several decades to top 88 million people, over 20% of the population by 2050. Many will face the difficult decision to move out of their homes in order to receive care, and in doing so will trade their independence for care systems that are costly and risky. Our neighborhood support model is the COVID-resistant solution to living a healthy, independent, connected life and we are ready to grow so that we can help even more Kansans. 

We are hopeful and optimistic that we will meet our financial goals with support from our generous donors. We have only just begun to reimagine what’s possible for seniors and those with disabilities. Like many, we face unprecedented financial challenges due to COVID; this has not been an easy season. We know our supporters have many choices when it comes to where to donate, and we’re excited to be able to give back to donors in the form of a generous tax credit this year. Every donation matters to GoodLife – please help us make a meaningful difference in the lives of the most vulnerable within our communities.

Read more about our tax credit initiatives here.  For questions about how you can support us in helping individuals live the GoodLife, please contact Megan Todd, Director of Strategy and Development at or 785-917-3824. 

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