GoodLife U Video Blog: Back to the Future

This month we are calling this our Back to the Future episode and for good reason! Every now and then since the 1960’s, the vision for care has been cast and it’s a bit like a broken record. The story is always the same: people with different abilities want what we all want—a good life.  “…people with different abilities want… watch now

GoodLife U Video Blog: Technology Enabled Service Models, Part 4

This month in our video blog Dr. Mike Strouse sits down with Ivo Ivanov for a discussion about how to grasp a simple and attainable vision of The Final Rule, where individuals—regardless of their abilities—can access the support they need in the ways they most want. At its core, the Final Rule promotes living a normal life, which is actually… watch now

GoodLife U Video Blog: Technology Enabled Service Models, Part 3

Our last few episodes have been focused on Technology Enabled Service Models, and we’ve discussed the role of technology in the future design of how services are delivered. Today we’re taking an in-depth look into the actual hardware and software offered through iLink Technologies as Mike walks you through the fully configurable options for remote support.  In talking about Technology… watch now

The Year Ahead: What We’re Excited for in 2021


Despite an uncertain and challenging year, 2020 changed the way GoodLife does business for the better. We are eager to carry all we learned into 2021, and excited to share what’s next for GoodLife. Below are just a few things we’re looking forward to:  Serving seniors: In 2020, we put our expansion of senior services on hold to adapt to… read more

The Quest for the GoodLife: Episode 7

So far on our Quest for the GoodLife, we’ve explored our unique neighborhood service models that are leveraged with iLink technologies. You’re familiar with how iLink and staff supports have been infused into homes, neighborhoods, and across the agency to improve the quality of care at GoodLife. Today Dr. Mike Strouse discusses iLink’s Enterprise solution: we have been preparing our… watch now

The Quest for the GoodLife: Episode 6

Now that you are getting to know iLink, we hope it’s becoming clear that we not only provide powerful and person-centered smart-home support with iLink Home, but iLink has also been designed for scale: to support neighborhoods with an integral agency infrastructure, delivering a range of remote, direct, and professional care for our residents and DSPs at the moment of… watch now

Helping people live the GoodLife starts with collaborative staff training

staff training

GoodLife is always looking for ways to better understand how to train and support our Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) who serve seniors and those with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). One way we do this is by conducting applied research through the University of Kansas Performance Management Laboratory, directed by Dr. Florence DiGennaro Reed. Rick Shears, GoodLife’s Training Coordinator, shares… read more

The Quest for the GoodLife: Episode 5

Last time we were thrilled to share more about iLink –its history, focus, and design are integral to understanding how iLink stands apart from other types of assistive technology on the market. By integrating iLink within a service model (like the award-winning Neighborhood Network), providers across the country can increase safety and improve the independence of those served, increase opportunities… watch now

Give to GoodLife, get a tax credit, and be part of life-changing initiatives

tax credit

We are in a season of thankfulness here at GoodLife. As you know, for more than 40 years we have been working hard to make a meaningful difference in the everyday lives of seniors, individuals with disabilities, and those who support them. We are humbled that the industry is taking notice of that hard work. In 2016, we were selected… read more

What we learned from COVID-19: Inclusion, creativity, and innovation


COVID-19 has made GoodLife’s iLink technology and labor strategies even more relevant to our residents, staff, and partners. As we continue to redefine what’s possible for inclusion with seniors and people with disabilities, COVID-19 has prompted many new ways of delivering care at the place and moment of need. While our well-established model of care helped us react to the… read more

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