Meet Dr. Florence DiGennaro Reed

Florence DiGennaro Reed

Flo, how do you contribute to the GoodLife population?I have worked in partnership with GoodLife through my position at the University of Kansas since 2010. My job is to help improve ways GoodLife supports their staff so they can do their jobs well to deliver the best care possible. I work directly with staff to find barriers and then work… read more

The history of Goodlife: A story of passion, equality and connectedness

GoodLife History

The year was 1974 when six sets of parents, the founders of GoodLife,  started meeting together in a living room in Johnson County, Kansas. The aftermath of the Civil Rights Movement swirled around them, and great progress had been won for the freedom and equality of black people in America. Change in public education was happening, too. For the first… read more

Top five things we’re proud of in 2019


We’ve had a big year. If you’ve spent any time with GoodLife, you know we are passionate about reimagining independent living for seniors and those with disabilities in an empowering, connected and purposeful community. In 2019, we’ve worked hard to build upon our well-established foundation of connected community, personalized innovation and supported independence. As the year comes to an end,… read more

How to improve care and lower costs with unique labor strategies

Workforce 101

As a care provider, we know it’s important to ensure that those we serve receive the highest level of care while maximizing our resources. One of the ways that GoodLife helps providers put more margin in their mission is by combining time-tested workforce solutions with advanced technologies to create the next generation of care. By strategically reimagining and retooling traditional… read more

Vibrant Village: Aging better

Vibrant Village: Aging better

Long before the words “assisted living” enter your vocabulary, there’s a deep need for “thriving in motion” and aging better. There is a space of life where you’re satisfied and happy living on your own, yet might need help with the little things. Maybe you’re recovering from an injury, just can’t seem to move like you used to, or want… read more

How our tested strategies improve your bottom line


As a community provider who cares for individuals with developmental disabilities (I/DD), you’re all too familiar with the problems we face with flat-lined state and federal reimbursements. The recently published article “Missouri Looking To Fix ‘Disastrous’ Pay System For Developmentally Disabled Care” explains the current situation quite well, and we encourage you to read it. In short, states reimburse providers… read more

Meet Stephanie Thorne, Director of Admissions

Thorne Family

Stephanie, how do you contribute to serving GoodLife’s population?Maybe I’m biased, but I think I have the BEST job at GoodLife! As the director of admissions, I’m the first person a family, individual or case manager talks with when they’re looking for services or independent living for seniors and those with disabilities. They may have just received a diagnosis or… read more

Connecting with the community at the Kaw Valley Farm Tour

Hoarse in Barn

What do you get when you cross 550 visitors with farm animals, food trucks, hands-on activities, live music and an enthusiastic staff? The Kaw Valley Farm Tour at Midnight Farm! 186 carloads of people filtered through Midnight Farm over the weekend of October 5-6. According to Linda, a satisfied visitor from Lawrence, Kan., she “liked it all. It’s a beautiful… read more

Why recognizing hard work is valuable for happy employees

Why recognizing hard work is valuable for happy employees

We love our staff, and it’s important to us that they know it. In honor of Direct Support Professional Recognition Week (September 8-14, 2019), we visited with GoodLife’s director of HR, Adriane Murray. She shares all that GoodLife does to recognize our caregivers, residents and partners that work hard every day to reimagine what’s possible for independent living.  Adriane, how… read more

More than technology: The best labor strategies for independent living


It’s no secret that our nation is facing a direct support workforce crisis. In 2017, the President’s Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities (PCPID) issued a report to the President outlining this important issue. The intended outcome of this Report was to ensure the Administration is fully aware of and understand the effects of the direct support workforce crisis.  Furthermore,… read more

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